Setting the Scene

It is a tumultuous time. September 1290,  the Maid of Norway has died leaving our land in chaos.

The Catalyst

Scotland 1290 AD, 8 yo Margaret the Maid of Norway dies in the Orkey Isles on her way to be crowned Queen and so ends the reign of House Dunkeld that began over 200 years before. The land is in turmoil as clans and houses of the realm lay claim to the throne. Edward "Longshanks" of England plots to use this chaos and exert his own power to claim the northern lands.

 Choose your allegiance

Will you be born of the highland clans whose men and women are strong enough to brave the rugged mountains and eek out a living with skill and strength? Perhaps you prefer the cunning and more ordered life of a lowland house and risk the border skirmishes with English forces continually invading? Not only must you choose whether to battle the natural elements or the marauding English, you must be wary of the inter-clan tensions that often spill into blood shed and more insidious conflicts.


 Choose your profession

Will you be a fighter and focus your talents on a speciality such as archery or polearms? Perhaps you prefer a more political role such as a merchant or clergyman. Many choices await the keen adventurer and regardless of profession all have the opportunity to rise to great heights and influence even the course of history as we know it.

Grow your power as much as you choose

Remain a lowly craftsman or sellsword or become a mighty Bishop, Laird or Earl ruling vast districts in the land. All is possible and is only limited by your ambition.

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