Alba is Back

Gnimeel and I began this journey a long time ago as many of you remember. Read on to get an update!

5 different engines, quite a few people coming and going and numerous setbacks. have all drawn Alba out a lot longer than anyone hoped. Alba was never gone nor was it forgotten. Read on to learn what we have been up to and our plans for the future....including when we hope to get online in Alba together!

What Engine now?

We moved to the Unity engine some years ago now and basically began development from scratch. The primary reason for the move was better graphic integration and community support. With the numerous assetsavailable we saved a lot of hours as we didn't need to code our own weather system, create our own buildings and 3D assets and so on. UNity came with its' own challenges but has been much more productive than the previous Torque 3D engine was.

I have recently began working with the Darkrift Networking plugin  which appears to offer a leaner installation that using the native Unity networking. I am aiming to have a networked cdlient available by Christmas (hopefully sooner) so that we can all login and interact while testing.

The Next Stage is....

Gnimeel and I are frantically working to have a prototype or closed beta (call it what you will) before March 2018 that will hopefully boast the following features for invitees to test:

  • 40km x 40km Dumbartonshire area with all towns, villages and of course Dumbarton itself (along with the Castle!)
  • Character customisation and creation
  • Melee and ranged combat though some of the more advanced skills and actions will not be implemented
  • Inventory, trading, NPC merchants
  • Crafting examples across the professions including Herbistare, Smith, Carpenter, and a few others
  • Basic economy for the region
  • NPC enemies including wild dogs, bandits, and if time permits maybe an Englishman or two.

Inheritance and the more complex criminal system will be implemented as part of the larger development after this step.

So yes we are still developing (Check out the Gallery for screenshots of our latest work), no we have not vanished (Feel free to have a yarn with us on the forums, skype or other media options) and yes we are eagre to see all our old friends back and meet new ones (Registration for this site is of course open!)


Darkseer & Gnimeel

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