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Darkseer created the topic: Roadmap and current status
It's been a while team and as you all probably know developing an MMORPG is no small task. Apart from the networking issues that most single player games don't worry about, there are graphics, quests, story arcs, NPCs, server load and so much more.
So, our approach has changed. Some of you may remember the fun we had int he early days where the old Torque 3D engine gave us a bit of ranged weapon fighting. It was fun, and we all had a little bit of excitement taking someone out.
In that same vein we are going to build the MMORPG up piece by piece. The roadmap below (without any timings) gives you an idea of how we will get to our end state of a full fledged MMORPG.

+ Battlefield - This will give a rather large playfield where you can literally beat the crap out of each other and level up. This will include a complex underground cave system, Inn, Cathedral and Keep.
+ Some NPC merchants to buy and sell goods and save up some cash
+ Some NPC surpises to keep you on your toes
+ Small fun quests
+ access to the outside world for other adventures on a small scale
+ expanded zones

Mixed at various points in this will be party creation, guilds and other MMO features that will be added in stages to give a continually expanding world for you all

Registered users keep an eye out for details on the first client where we can all have a quick punch on :-)


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